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Why Black Doesn’t Work for a Cover Shot

I’m slowly catching up on past episodes of Project Runway (love that show!). I’m caught up to episode 5…the ‘Run For Cover’ episode.  This one was hilarious!

Joanna Coles, Editor of Marie Claire Magazine, was guest judge for this episode and in the beginning she explains the challenge is for a cover.  She gives the contestants some really great tips, 2 of which were:

#1. Focus your design on the waist up.

#2. Don’t do black.

Why would you not do a design in black?  Can anyone tell me?  Class?

Here is an example of why you would not do something in black…it is from my portfolio

design: cathy steiner, model: adrian ambrose, photographer: david whittemore

…and I’ll give anyone who can comment back to me a lollipop if they guess correctly what the garment is made of!

As you can see from the photo, black is very difficult for a photographer to get the details.  Why would that be you ask?  The answer is quite simple.  Black absorbs all light!  It does not reflect it, therefore a camera which captures light has a very very dificult time.

And most possibly because of that contestant Anthony won this challenge.  his teal blue number would be quite striking on a cover.  Nice job Anthony!

Photos from Project Runway Season 7 courtesy of

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  1. AHA! I have noticed for all my sewing life that I really hate it when the sample picture on the pattern envelope or in a magazine is in a DARK color. You cannot for the life of you see the design lines and like you commented, who could ever tell what the fabric might be. Thanks for the enlightenment and I hope the people who need to know this were watching Project Runway!


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