Quiltville’s Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt Update

I am complete with 2/5ths of the hand quilting on this project.

It turned out that I was actually making ‘scallops’ instead of ‘babtist fans’ with my quilting design.  I guess a little experience would have taught me the difference on how to go about making the baptist fan design.  Oh well.  The scallops look great so I’m satisfied with that.

I think the next time I try an allover pattern I’ll really try to work out the baptist fan and mark the topper, just to get it right…to me it would be so much easier.  The difference here is that in the baptist fan I don’t have to move the needle away from me, all of the stitches would flow right to left in an arc.  A very user friendly design.  Ok, next time.

Hopefully I’ll get to 3/5ths finished this weekend. 🙂

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