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My Adventures and Mishaps for a new Furry Four Legged Friend – Chapter 1

It has been nagging me for two weeks now.  I don’t know what to do in the morning anymore.  I can’t sleep sometimes and wake up at 4:00am.

I’ve been so used to getting up in the morning and going for a walk, with a dog, and seeing the same people all the time that it is nearly driving me crazy.  On one hand I kind of like not having the responsibility but on the other I really miss it.

So I went on-line to and started to look at some dogs.  What dog do I want to get?  After living through twelve years of canine crappus stupendous — oh we loved him though so don’t get me wrong — but he had issues.  REAL, Serious, Lose your Insurance type issues, it took me a little bit of calm relaxed breathing to make a few phone calls about some dogs.

“Hi, I’m inquiring after Milo…has she been adopted yet?”

Sorry, Milo went home this morning.

Take two.

“Hi, I saw your listing on petfinder and want to know if Jenny is still available for adoption.”

You’re not supposed to call.  Sorry you’ve been disqualified.


Take Three.

“Hi, I saw your listing on petfinder and I’m inquiring about the black lab you have….oh…she’s not available?  No…I was just interested in her…sorry.  Okay…bye”

Take Four.

Dear XOXO Pet Rescue,
Here is my application.  I would like to meet your dog Trixie.
—click here to send email application.  Click

We’re sorry, Trixie went home today.  We have plenty of other dogs available.

Take Five.

“Hi, I’m inquiring after the yellow lab  id:02102010…yes, I’ll hold.”

Nope, she was adopted yesterday.

Take Six.

By email: Dear sir, I saw your ad about your chocolate lab, has it been adopted yet?
~no response.

Take Seven.

“Hi, I’m inquiring after Sissy, the black lab, is she available?”
Please hold.
Why YES she is came the answer over the phone!
“Really? cool…you have no idea, what?  Oh…she’s been shown?  But still available?  So what’s her deal?  Oh, High Strung?  Ok, well these dogs need a job, I can see that she would be a little bit high strung… till 4pm?  Oh.  Alright.”

Call if you want to come in.

Take Eight.

I pick up the phone after work today and the women on the other end says “your application to Wright-Way Rescue has been accepted!  Just let us know which dog you are interested in and we’ll have them available!  Hope to see you soon!”

“Okay…I’m still looking…okay…yes, I’ll check the website…thanks!” I respond.  Finally.

My cynical side begins to wonder if this whole dog rescue thing is a scam.  They lure you in with photos of these really cute pets and do the switch aroo on you, just want your money, that kind of thing.

I have decided that either I’m going to spend $2,000 for a pure bred or $75 at the pound.  No in between.  No rescues.  I’ll give Wright-Way a shot but if they start in on serious cash and formal agreements I’m just not going to do it.  How can I?  This has been my saga.  I had no idea finding a perfect pet was going to be so involved.

I’ve nearly had it.

Instead of me doing all this leg work with over 250,000 homeless dogs out there I’m going to post a ‘Free Home to Perfect Dog’ listing instead.  And start taking interviews.

2 thoughts on “My Adventures and Mishaps for a new Furry Four Legged Friend – Chapter 1”

  1. I am sorry to read about your trials with trying to find and adopt a dog. Please do not give up! I adopted my much beloved cat through my local humane society after finding him on Petfinder. I love to read other adoptive “parents” stories at Petfinder’s “happy tails.”

    In fact, that is how I found a wonderful blog ( chronicling a “mama’s” journey into adopting a puppy, Stella, to fill the void that she felt after the passing of her precious dog Sadie. I recommend checking the blog out, and if you do, go back to the beginning of the blog so that you can read how wonderful people even drove her (Stella) and other adopted dogs all the way from the south (Louisiana???) to their new forever homes in Maine. There is a homeless dog out there for you.

    Changing topics…this is my first time on your blog, but I am really enjoying following your dream sewing room progress. Thanks for sharing.

    Many Blessings,



    1. Thank you Hollie!
      I just completed my application to CCI to be a puppy raiser. Hopefully we’ll be admitted to the program. I found 4 shelter’s in my area and I’m keeping tabs on them! I know I’ll find that perfect pet eventually! There are soooooo many!


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