In the Studio

Building a ‘Dream’ Sewing Space – Part 2

Come on in folks.

I know, I know….UG….LEEEEEEE!

But it is what it is.  We are now in the center of the room looking at the South Wall.

There is one window, yes…under those blue aluminum mini blinds,  and the wall has been built out by the previous owners.  They built out the wall about 4 inches, added a layer of insulation and enclosed it back up with a layer of plastic, fiber board and paneling.   It is hideous.  This is the only room in the house that was done like this.  We think it had to do with the room being over the garage and that made the room get really cold.

Funny though, we installed new windows when we bought the place and just recently put new insulated garage doors on the garage and instead of the garage being 15 degrees is now about 55 degrees.  If only they’d done those things first, just think…they could most likely have saved themselves all this trouble!  Well…at least they could have saved ME all this trouble.

So here we are.  This is where I am starting on this project.  This is what it currently looks like:

The blinds are down, the windows cleaned up and the trim removed.  The baseboards and moldings have been removed as well.  I put spackling into the cracks of the paneling and the surface is almost ready to adhere paintable wallpaper to it.

We have a little bit of trouble with the wall on the left…the baseboards were put in behind the paneling so I’m going to have to do some clever and carefull extraction before I can start hanging the paper.  We are trying to do one wall at a time so as not having to remove everything out of the room — which I don’t even know where it would go at this point.  Get one wall done…move stuff over…get another wall done…move stuff in etc…

Onward baseboards HO!