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It’s Quilt Festival Time!

This festival has crept up on me like nobody’s business. I can’t believe it is already here! It doesn’t seam like that long ago I was reporting from last year’s festival.

I know I’ve been a little bit out of it but I just found out that this is the last year this festival will be in Chicago!  That is such a blow but completely understandable.  Apparently there was plenty of feedback from participants that this location was too expensive, not enough choices for dining and not enough free parking.

With all that to consider I would have to disagree, but then I’m from here so I know where everything is and if it’s a problem then there are about a cajillion other convention locations in the area that could be used instead of the Rosemont location.  For it being too expensive…well there are plenty of lower cost places.  This is probably more from the vendors then the participants.  For me, it was $5 to park and $10 to get into the show.  I don’t consider that too expensive.

For the dining choices, within a 1 mile radius there are all sorts of places to eat, Italian, Fast Food, Mexican, Chicago Greek Family Restaurant…I used to work just up the road and know of several really reasonable and great places, but this is most likely mute because this is probably directed at the food prices and choices at the convention hall…which I would agree is limited and is expensive.  Sigh.  And lastly the parking.  They all probably don’t realize that they can park in the transit lot for $5 instead of the convention lot which is $12-$15.   Or they can always take the L train in and walk.  Oh well…I guess Cincinnati will have to be a mini vacation for me in the future.  I would love to go just to see if it is a better show?  Can you tell I’m a little bitter!!!!!?

Now that I’ve got that off my chest it was once again a really beautiful show and the hall was filled to near capacity with vendors of all aspects in the world of quilting, sewing, crafting, furniture, painting your nails (yes…seriously…nail care) and back and massage therapy (yes…in case you didn’t realize how bad your back can get from quilting.

My only purchase at the show was the Curve Master presser foot.  I know that the vendors always make things look really easy (site my experience with the Easy Quilter — not so!) and this gadget was no exception.  I stood enthralled at the ability of the demonstrator to handle a drunkard’s path block as well as the curves of a double wedding ring…all the while proclaiming the incredible feat of completing a DWR in 6 hours (my BS radar went up…but I was still impressed).  She sold me so when I get around to actually giving this little number a full workout…I’ll report in on the pros and cons.

Till next year…or whenever I can go to a quilt festival again…happy quilting and hope you enjoy the photos.