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Just an Update

Wow!  Another week has gone by…where did that one go?

Here is a sneak peak inside the sewing space.  I’m still working on loading in all my ‘stuff’  —- and boy! do I have a lot of ‘stuff’!

Over the last week we have gone to Menards a few times to get boards to make shelves for the two cabinets, shelf holder hardware and I picked up a really large bulletin board to use as a design board.  Works great!  A lot better than the foam core I was using before.

We cleaned out the entire guest room next door, boxed up everything and put it into this room so it’s been a big job going through everything.  I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment.  It is just amazing at what can accumulate over the years.

I stopped at Target and picked up some really pretty sea-grass baskets that should hold my sewing supplies.  Before, I had them in a dresser drawer so I’m going to need to get used to them in another location.  I’m sure I’ll adjust as I go along and figure out what works.  One thing I need to resolve is what to do about putting doors or curtains on these cabinets.  I really don’t like the clutter look — even though I’m a serious clutterer,  I do like the option of being able to hide the evidence…you know?

I’ve looked at a lot of pictures of sewing rooms during this project and I would say that is the big thing that is hard to disguise.  A neat sewing room is nearly non-existent!

I have so many ideas rolling around in my head right now it is going to take a month or two to work through it all.

But in the mean time, our exchange student came last Tuesday and it was pretty funny.  She was working on a project at school and needed to figure out a costume.  She had made a mask and had to do a presentation.  She placed the mask in the room without hesitation.  She said she thought that is where it should be with all the ‘creative’ stuff!  Hee…hee!

Today she is off to a Cubs game with DH after school and we are slowly getting to know her…what a sweetie!  This exchange is a short one for us.  She is here until July…we are actually the 3rd family as part of the program so she has already developed a full calender of events, friends and activities.

Week two is going much better now that we are getting into the swing of things with our new charge….more to come…

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