CCI Puppy Raising

Our first CCI meeting

This beautiful dog is Lyda.  She patiently sat next to me during a meeting of volunteers on Sunday.

I brought Jim with me as both of us really are not that familiar with CCI – Canine Companions for Independence, the organization we’ll be getting a puppy from to raise for 14-18 months.

One after another, puppy raiser and CCI dog in training came through the meeting room doors.  I stopped counting at 7…they just kept coming.  Jim thought there were no less then 10 dogs in the room, a room the size of an elementary school classroom.

I could hardly believe how calm and how well behaved these animals were.  Lyda is just 7 months old and all of the dogs in the room were under 14 months!  I only heard two whimpers, a few tail thumps, and just one little bark.  For 2 hours these dogs mostly just slept.  Jim and I were in complete awe and when we were introduced as new puppy raisers we got a round of applause from everyone.

I asked Jim if he felt nervous with all the dogs around him.  He said not at all…that he was getting really really excited.  Seeing all those calm dogs and the amount of support we are going to get was very encouraging.  Now I’M GETTING EXCITED!

Someday…really…I’ll sew some clothes!  My wardrobe is getting threadbare!!!  Soon.  Real soon.

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  1. Brings renewed understanding of the phrase, puppy dog eyes.

    Best of luck on this new venture. You’ll get to sew a neckerchief for this beauty.


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