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Back to the Sewing Block by way of a Mother’s Day.

I’m back.  Back to the sewing room.  Sorry, we have had a very crazy busy, crazy ‘lost in translation’ couple of weeks.  I don’t even know where to start to recap all that has been going on around here.

Maybe I’ll get into the “Can I go to Toronto?” episode or share with you the first hand experience of corrupt South American postal services…or maybe try to explain that Prom might need to require actually having a ‘Date’ to oh I don’t know, maybe trying to explain that if the return flight to Paraguay leaves at 2am that it’s probably not going to be a good idea to go to a rock concert the night before the flight.      Oh Lordy Help.

It’s alright, we’re figuring it all out.  This is all part of learning about other people around the world and overcoming our differences…or something like that!

Here’s the South American beauties at Prom.  One from Brasil, one from Chile and the Paraguayan.   They really did look great.  I just couldn’t believe not one male student asked either of these gorgeous ladies!  What is wrong with those boys!

So getting back to the corrupt South American postal services chapter (her mother sent a package which contained summer clothes…all of which was stolen from her box…repackaged back up and passed off as ‘shipment complete’) I offered to go shopping with her to pick out some new clothes.  That of course translated to her having to pay for clothes, which she can’t afford, and lamenting on the really cool sandals she wanted to give to one of her host sisters.  I felt really bad!

And then for Mother’s Day she texted me (while at Prom) to thank both of us for giving her such a good time and allowing her to go.  Sweet.  And a surprise gift in my sewing room (aka ‘the room where you create work’ …..I know…translate, translate….).  It was a towel with embroidery and ribbons on it from her home.  I’m not a real Mom…only one in a pinch,  so this kid gave me my very first present for Mother’s Day.  I hardly knew what to do.  I started thinking about the day and really knew I couldn’t go to Church and sit through the annual Mother’s Day speech.  I’ve been reminded so many times before about not being a Mom that I just can’t do it.  Then it’s right in front of you…with a gift.  I think the only women that will know how this feels are those that have tried to be Mom’s and were never able to be one.  So instead I headed over to Hancock fabrics for my free rose.  I guess that’s a different kind of church…the church of sewing!

So calm finally settled in for just a few minutes and I finally got to tackle the last little piece to my dream sewing room, the dreaded closet!  I started to pull out all the old clothes and boxing them up to give away.  These clothes don’t fit or I haven’t worn in over a year so I’m letting them go when one garment caught her eye and she came into the room to see what I was doing.  Her eyes get wider and I can see the wheels start to turn in her mind.

“we can transform dees? (everything is in the form of a question)…I love dees!”.

Why yes we can.  So We pulled out about 5 garments that could definitely be used for something else and so here we are…a few more projects to work on.

I guess it is the room where I create work!  Ha ha.  So today she had looked through my patterns and chosen a pair of shorts to make.  How fun will this be!  Finally…Toronto can wait.  We have some clothes to work on!  She’s chosen a Burda design…so at least now I have an anchor to keep her busy for a few days.  And respectfully out of trouble.

And for me.  Things are looking a bit better.

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  1. You sure have the patience to be a mom. Having survived a wild girl child, I know it is quite a challenge.

    Glad to hear you’ve been able to get back to the sewing room!


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