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Burda 6-2009-120 Women’s Shorts – Entry 3-Low Zipper Fly Without a Waistband

Zipper installed without fly extension, note the lowered placement.

Oh boy.  These directions in Burda for this zipper installation are soooooo confusing.  It’s made my head hurt for  a few days.  I keep trying to visualize what it is they are saying.  Long story short, the zipper installation on this pattern is a little bit different because there isn’t a waist band and the zipper sits about 1-1/2″ below the top of the shorts.

I know…how does that work?  And where does the button attach to for the closure.? There was some head scratching here but eventually I figured it out.  The key essential piece is the Fly Extension…something that is just mentioned to cut a rectangle in the directions.

After looking over as many directions as I  could for installing a fly front zipper…I never did find directions for exactly what I was looking for btw… and including pulling out some of my favorite pairs of pants to use as inspiration I decided the best explanation was the Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing — Men’s Zipper Fly.

I actually constructed this using a combination of the Reader’s Digest version, the Burda version, and making my own pattern for the fly.  The fly pattern was going to be the big critical step.

Make your own fly extension pattern.

However careful I was I still did run into trouble and thought some of the steps were out of order because I had to go back and take some stitches out, insert zipper tape, then re-sew but other than a few tweaks it worked and I like the result.

Installing the fly extension. Note that I had to continue the stitching line.

This is something I definitely think needs a really good step by step photo or video tutorial on.  It really is a unique fly-front.  I’ll think about putting one together…maybe…eventually.  It would be good to have that in the database collection for sure if I ever run into that again!  All in all the most difficult part was figuring out what to do…really…the installation was straight forward once all the parts were correct.

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  1. I’ve only attempted really easy patterns from McCall’s and Simplicity. I don’t think I will ever be up to a Burda. Even with easy ones, I always check reviews on sewingpatterns.com before I begin.

    Congrats on coming through the zipper!! Can’t wait to see a pic of the finished product!


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