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Burda 6-2009-120 Women’s Shorts-Entry 4 Finish

The shorts are finished! And it took us a little bit to get them to this point. A not so funny thing happened when Ale came back from her camping trip and tried them on.
After going into the bathroom to give it a try I heard “oh no!!!”.



That is not something you want to hear!
Well, she couldn’t quit get them to zip up!

My first thought was they were too small and when she showed me I completely thought that was the case. But really…with most styles these days the waist is worn so much lower than the actual waist that it then dawned on me “of course! the waist doesn’t fit because she doesn’t want to wear them at the actual waist!”.

Long story short, we took out about 2 inches throughout the seams (risking serious seam split) and then I added on a couple of inserts to the waistband facing pieces.

She likes them and she’s putting them in her suitcase to take on her sightseeing trip…

It’s a good thing!



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