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Einstein’s First Day

His name is Einstein and we picked him up in Milwaukee, flown in special delivery.

Do you want to know his stats? Well…the official stats are coming in the mail and I’ll know his weight once we see the vet this week but he feels like he weighs about 15-20 pounds. He’s a handful!

So far he’s mastered his name and the ability to eat and eat and eat. We went on our first walk this morning and he was surprisingly very easy to walk. A natural. He even had his first retrieve last night when we rolled a ball out in front of him. He got up, chased the ball and brought it back for me to do it again!

He’s a little mouthy right now and we are working on it. He looks a little put out when I tell him no on the biting of my limbs but got to nip it in the bud…pun intended. There’s plenty of other things to chew on besides me, the couch, the coffee table and my shoes!

This is going to be a very busy year! Here’s a few pics. He’s a keeper and we’ve got high hopes for this fella!

2 thoughts on “Einstein’s First Day”

  1. Oooohhhhh, I’m so jealous. He is just the cutest little guy! Now that my big old German Shepherd/Malamute mix is gone, I miss the walks most of all. He dearly loved going on walks.


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