McCalls M6127 – Entry 2…These Guns Need Bigger Holsters!

Speaking of Guns…I guess Chicago’s gun ban has now been ruled unconstitutional.  Go figure.  If only the news would have a kill wall like they do with a war wall maybe there would be more of a emphasis on combating the high level of crime in parts of Chicago!  I digress of course…

But back to this top I’ve been working on.  I’ve cut out the pattern and made up the top with one sleeve to check the fit.  One thing for sure is…I’m armed…and it is just about my biggest fitting problem…and I never learn!  I guess I’m always optimistic that with a knit the fabric will just stretch…not so

Especially with cap sleeves, or for that matter any other sleeve that is going to fit snugly around the bicep.

On this pattern, McCalls M6127  I decided to make up a standard size 20.  A little bit too big in the bust but the cap sleeve is just way too tight around the middle of my arm.  The thing with knits is you just never know until you make it up if the knit is going to stretch and be just fine or not…well the knit was okay but I needed to add some more room.  I’m afraid the stitching will pop if I don’t.  And sure enough, as soon as I flexed really hard it did!

So my next step will be to cut out some new sleeves.  I don’t like it as much as the other one of you that carries a little bit extra flesh around but is what it is for now and if I’m gonna have some new clothes then I gotta push through.

2 thoughts on “McCalls M6127 – Entry 2…These Guns Need Bigger Holsters!”

  1. The blouse looks very lovely on you! Did you make the jacket in the pattern? I have been looking for a review for it.


    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for the comment,
      No, I haven’t made the jacket although It looks very simple and could be a real wardrobe staple!


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