McCalls M6127 Entry 3 – Some Slash’n and Spread’n and We’re as Good as Golden

After sewing in one sleeve and discovering that my biceps have about 2  inches too much extra flesh I’m put into a position to do a pattern alteration.

So how to fix?

In this case the sleeve fit around the armhole just perfectly so the only adjustment needed is to add more width around the bicep.  To accomplish this I chose the slash and spread method.  I’ll need to open up the pattern to give me a few more inches.

To do the slash and spread technique draw parallel lines to the grain line equidistant from each other.  Cut up to, but not through, the top of the cap.  Then spread these slashes apart equal amounts until you get your desired added width.  Tape in place, true-up your cutting lines while cutting out your new pattern.

Here below, you see the difference in the two sizes.  My original sleeve is on top and the newly altered pattern is underneath.

And the results?

Here ya go!

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  1. I really like the color on you. It looks like this may be a keeper. Looking forward to seeing you and it when you come to visit in a couple weeks.



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