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No wonder I don’t do Men’s Ironing

Ladies (and Gents for that matter).

There is a reason we ask our husbands to take their shirts to the dry cleaners.

Click this link for the ultra-finicky way of ironing a Man’s shirt.

I just stumbled upon that link today and have just a few questions.

If you know the answers…please chime in.

First, why does the tailor stitch the seams so tight that the seam puckers…thus having to PULL the seam into shape?

Secondly, why in the world are you not using a PRESS CLOTH!?!  Has the home seamstress been hoodwinked all this time about making sure we don’t press directly onto our very expensive fabrics?

And I think my final question for the day.  If I were to spray a piece of cloth and let it sit in a plastic bag for 2-3 days it would stink like crap.  Is this serious or do Men just not notice these odors?

I had no idea I was supposed to smash the hell out of the crease in a collar.

The little stay tags are cool though.