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A Send Off For Ale

As a reminder…the name is Ale (pronounced ‘Alley’) which is a nickname, or a shortening of her first name.  I thought I would put that in again just so if you happened to be dropping in from a search engine looking for Paraguay’s finest beers you are in the wrong spot.

After a full day of packing and repacking we brought her to the airport last night with her edited belongings down to three suitcases, 69 lbs, 42 lbs, and 45 lbs respectfully.

In comparison, our last student went to the airport with one suitcase at 47 lbs.  I was told there was a difference between the sexes so I guess it is all true.

I was going through the computer and found some photos she’d left.  I’m glad for these and I’ll share with you a couple of them from the projects we worked on together…

A t-shirt re-do:

Fascinated by the idea of making something else out of her t-shirts I cut off the top, added elastic and cinched up one of the sides with a tie.

And the shorts came out on the edge of the Grand Canyon. 

We’ll miss you Ale!