Fashion Museums, Off the beaten trail

It’s HOT!

Do you see that temp. reading?  106 Degrees Fahrenheit at 3:12pm in the afternoon.  IT’S HOT, HOT, HOT!

I can’t handle this extreme heat.  In fact, it has really put a damper on some of my goals to get to a few shops I wanted to see while I am here.  I had big thoughts of going to MOOD as part of the fashion district experience but I will have to tell you, after going in and out of a couple of shops it is so hot that all I want to do is get back to the car and crank up the air conditioning.

Mom and I did get inside Island Fabrics and pick up a couple of Hawaiian prints but after this shop, most of these stores don’t have A/C so it was just too much and we headed over to FIDM to see the museum exhibit and stop into the Scholarship store.

Funny though, at the scholarship store we ended up buying several yards of knitted fabrics.  It’s about the smallest selection but I guess we showed up on a good day because they had quite a bit of knits we both liked.

So we are back to San Diego now and I’ll be able to hang out for a few more days before heading home.  On Monday my plan is to get to La Jolla.  Hopefully, hopefully this extreme weather will break and I’ll be able to enjoy a good day at the beach before I leave.  We’ll see!