Off the beaten trail

The Getty

J. Paul Getty.

A site to see while in LA is the J. Paul Getty Museum.  This museum campus sits on top of a hill overlooking Los Angeles and has an incredible 360 degree view.  Provided that you can go on a day of ‘low smog’ you’ll be glad you came.

The museum consists of several buildings each containing art from a specific period of time.  The bottom floors contain the sculptures and the top floors contain the paintings…although both can be found on either floors.

The impressionist painting collection room was popular.  Monet, Manet, Pissaro, Degas, Cassat, Renoir all represented.

There was a room with a collection of pastel paintings…these just intrigue me!  To think it is chalk! Look at this little girl and her dog.

We had lunch, visited a few more galleries and then we drove back to the hotel.  It really is too much to see all in one day.  We didn’t even get to the gardens, which from the view looking down on them appear to be quite spectacular.

The weather here is really really….REALLY HOT right now.  Them temps have been getting up to the high 90’s and even topping 100 in a few areas.  It doesn’t cool down until later in the evening and the morning.  Because of the heat we really haven’t been doing too much other than what we can do indoors.  Kinda a bummer.  Hopefully there will be a break soon!