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Jane’s Fabrique visit in La Jolla

La Jolla, California, pronounced La HOYA is a very beautiful little beach town in the San Diego area. There are lots of little shops and cute little restaurants to spend time in. Many people come to enjoy La Jolla for it’s famous cove, tide pools and beach. Others come to watch the Sea Lions. Me. That’s all good and all but I come to La Jolla to visit Jane’s Fabrique!

And take home as much gorgeous fabric as my wallet will allow! Yum, Yum!

On this trip I picked up two Italian cotton shirtings and a white cotton re-embroidered with black roses. Just lovely! What I love about this little shop is it reminds me of the fabric shops of yesteryear. It is small and very intimate. Remember when the So-Fro’s and the Joann’s, House of Fabrics were all small little store fronts? And they pretty much all had just fabric…none of that crafty scrappy stuff? Well think of that but the fabric is all 1st quality supreme stuff. This is a gem of a shop and everyone there just loves sewing.

I drove and Mom and I spent a good hour at Jane’s and then had lunch at Harry’s next door. Harry’s is another little La Jolla landmark. You’ll want to stop in for a reasonable old time diner lunch if you ever get a chance. Mom and I both had the fish tacos, and considering the high expense of the area…the two of us had lunch under $24.00…not bad at all.