California Trip Stash – #1 Quilting Cottons

Here is a photo of all the quilting cottons I picked up while in California. Usually when I shop for quilting fabrics I try to only look for fabrics that will fill a void in my palette of colors. In this case it is medium blues, black backgrounds and neutrals.

I first look in the back to see what is on clearance, then if I find something I like I usually just get a minimum cut. Then I browse the rest of the store for any fabrics that meet my criteria. If I really like a print then I’ll get a 1/2 yard cut. Then I’ll look at the fat quarters with the same determination.

It’s easy to get crazy for sure so having a stop measure is really important! We visited two quilt shops on the trip. The first was Luella’s Quilt Basket in Redondo Beach and the other was Amidon Quiltworks in Poway.