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Santino and Scarlett…a little bit of fashion fun on the road!


On The Road with Austin and Santino, courtesy of Lifetime Television

“Miss Sue Ellen! Miss Careen!  Prayer Time!” Austin Scarlett calls out from the banister of a glorious Antebelem era plantation home staircase.  A subtle reference to a scene from Gone With The Wind.  (The girls are called downstairs for evening prayers, they squabble over who will wear the ‘green dress’ and eventually we understand that Scarlett O’Hara is in love with Ashely Wilkes..).  These two former contestants from Project Runway just crack me up. 

From the glorious antebelem space, the new Scarlett of the South and his partner on the road and fellow designer, Santino Rice, will be designing and sewing a new ball gown for their latest client. 

This is another show brought to us by our friends at Lifetime Television and is for anyone that loves to watch the process of design.  From inspiration to design and execution you’ll fall in love with these two goof balls at first stitch.

Friends of fashion and fashion sewing, hilarity in television, and all for a good cause, you’ve got to see it.  Here below is the link…


3 thoughts on “Santino and Scarlett…a little bit of fashion fun on the road!”

  1. did he watch Gone w/ the Wind last week? That he remembered those lines so perfectly is astounding. Walked in, went w/ the association….he was there.


  2. Would you happen to know the name of that episode? The one where he says “Miss Sue Ellen! Miss Careen! Prayer Time!”


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