CCI Puppy Raising

Happy 4th Month Mr. Einstein!

Einstein is 18 weeks old.  This is a big milestone in his development because what that means is his baby teeth start dropping out and his adult teeth start moving in.

It’s happening.  I was warned about this, in fact, my dear sister explained to me that I’ll be getting a new kitchen before I know it.  I think she is right!

Since this writing he has been voraciously seeking out things to chew on.  There is NOTHING in the manual about this phase other than the advice to lock him in his cage to keep him out of things…well true, I guess I could do that, but the thing is… he does this while you’re right in front of him!  He could be the sweetest thing chewing away on his Kong and then BAM!  you look down and half the couch is missing!

Already he has chewed through Jim’s Grandmother’s end table, my nylon strapping in the car, the flaps on one of the chairs, the baseboards near his bed…please…don’t let this face fool you!

It’s this halt to attention with the look of “Who Me?” on it that clearly makes me wonder if he knows I’m totally on to him.  Fortunately, in case people doubt me, I’ve managed to catch him breaking rule #5 — Do not allow your dog to sleep on the furniture.

As if…he really read the rules right?  Busted!

I’ve already been flipping through the catalogs for new furniture…don’t worry…I’ll be okay…but I sure hope I’m not in trouble.