Building a Fashion Sewing Reference File – Part 2 – Pattern Choices

Part 2 in my endeavor to re-build my Fashion Sewing Reference File is to get a new handle on my current pattern inventory.

How I’ve decided to go about doing this is to photocopy (scan a copy) the line drawings of all my Burda magazines and all of my pattern envelopes.  As a fashion sewer (and sometimes designer), what I find most influential is looking at the line drawings.  I’m always able to scan over the patterns quickly to find the design I’m looking for.

When the collection is small it is easy to do this quickly but I’m finding the more I’ve collected it has become ever increasingly cumbersome.

This process is going to take a few days to complete.  After I started I realized just how much information I really have.  I’ve got quite a few patterns, hand drafted ones included, plus all of my Burda’s — an off and on subscription dating back to the mid – 90’s.

I’ll be at this for a few days so hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have the whole collection ready to assemble into the binder.  Actually, now that I’m looking at several pages I’m really excited to see that I have so much reference at my fingertips!  Will I ever need to buy a pattern EVER AGAIN?  With so much of a reference can’t I just make my own?  It is definitely a thought to ponder!

1 thought on “Building a Fashion Sewing Reference File – Part 2 – Pattern Choices”

  1. Cathy, what you are doing with the patterns etc. is really a good thing. It seems to me that I used to buy a new pattern because I liked a design detail but didn’t know how to make it without a pattern. Then, after buying fabric and starting to really look at the design I knew it would never work and end up with nothing. It would go into my “idea file”. Now, with the computer I can just go through all the patterns on line (the big 4) and move that inspiration picture to my file without the expense of buying the pattern. (Don’t you know the pattern companies just love me!!!). But, I get a little perturbed when I look at my boxes of patterns and know I will never make any of them because of the almost impossible amount of tweaking to make it fit. At least you know more than I ever did about how to incorporate a design feature into a basic pattern you already have that you know fits.
    Hope it all works for you.
    Love, MOM


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