CCI Puppy Raising

Mr. Einstein at 5 Months

This is Einstein at 5 months old.  He weighed in at 46 pounds 5 days ago so we are thinking he will be about 48 this week on the 5th (his official month marker).

I know I should keep you updated on my progress with my pattern archive…which btw is going slowly.  We ran into another little snag with our computer.  A virus or something kept taking control of the computer again and was creating quite a bit of frustration here.

We think we’ve found a way to fix the computer now…which is a good thing so I can continue on with my archiving!  In the mean time I have this little guy with me (although he’s not so little anymore!).  He has been dropping teeth daily.  Just yesterday he dropped a tooth and it fell on the floor along with a good smear of blood.  It was kinda gross so I picked up his tooth and placed it in with his collection of rocks I keep on a ledge above my desk at work.

This is just a small handful of objects I’ve rocovered from him.  He doesn’t relinquish them easily but I have to admit he is quite the persnickity little archeaologist.  You can see the tooth there too.

Hmmm…do they have a doggy tooth fairy?