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So if you’re a size 14+ you just don’t count…or how Burda shafted the Burda Plus subscribers

I just got home from work and opened the mailbox to find my latest edition of Burda Plus Magazine.  I cancelled my subsription to Burda Style in March of this year only because I was running out of shelf space and thought I’d take a break from the monthly Burda Style and just stick with the Burda Plus…and GLAD I did!    

Pages 14-18 and the COVER are from December 2009!


Pages 19-23 are from January 2010 and Pages 30-34 are from November 2009!!!!!


Look at this latest edition of the Burda Plus…3 spreads out of 5 are taken directly from the Burda Style from LAST FALL/WINTER!!!!!!    

I’m horrified!  Do these people really think we won’t notice?  I mean.  Just because I wear a large size doesn’t mean I don’t like fashion!!!! Or that my brain doesn’t work!!!!!  Ugggggh!!!!    

I guess this is only a gripe for those that subscribe to both magazines.  If you only subscribe to Burda Plus these would be new…but not really…they are from LAST Fall/Winter.  Here, take a look at the At A Glance page:     

All but 2 coats/jackets, 2 pants, 1 skirt and 1 blouse are new.     

You know, one of the reasons I liked Burda was the value I thought I was getting for the price.  But now after seeing this I’m certainly not going to subscribe to both magazines ever again.  Why?  What would be the point if they just recycle the plus layouts in the Burda Style to use in the Burda Plus?    

You know…    

There is an old saying that goes like this…”if you don’t like it, do it yourself!”.  At least that is what we say here in America.  If you don’t like it, just do it yourself.  I’m not really complaining too much…only that I’d already purchased these designs…but man!  I totally feel like if I wasn’t a size 14+ this never would have happened.  Does anyone else feel this way? 

So is this something that I can do myself?  So should I just start designing for 14+ size women?  Is this really so hard?  Wouldn’t we all just love a little bit more selection?  Am I on to something?  Am I talking to myself (tap tap…screen…anyone there?).

6 thoughts on “So if you’re a size 14+ you just don’t count…or how Burda shafted the Burda Plus subscribers”

  1. I was very disappointed with the Fall/Winter Burda Plus issue too! I’ve decided that I won’t reup my subscription to this one again. I’m already buying the Burda monthly magazine and I will just be inspired by the plus size patterns in the monthly.

    Though I have to say that I’ve been buying Burda for over a decade and every 5 or 6 years they seem to go through a change. I remember when Burda Plus was published quarterly and they had all of these specialty magazines like Petites, Blouses and How to Sew.


  2. Designs and layouts seem to change very little in most style magazines. Sames clothes, different fabric, usually. I like to take several patterns with features I love, and mix them up. Blouse front and back from here, sleeve from there, and other there the collar. Makes it more interesting and fun.


  3. First of all, great blog! Second, yes I would love to see you make designs. (And I would love to purchase them too). I too, feel that burda rips off the people who buy burda plus. I switched my subscription to burda plus only.


  4. Hi Cathy,
    your blog is great!
    I have a question: would you sell the burda plus issue F/W 2010? I would be very interested in purchasing it. Thank you!


    1. Hi Simone,
      No, I’m not selling my Burda’s. This is the issue that is the subject of this post…it’s like an icon! LOL!!


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