Real Men ‘Suffer for Golf’!

You all have heard the phrase “suffer for fashion” right?  Well this is my husband’s version of “suffer for golf”!  Jim had the bright idea to embroider golf towels for his annual GUYS ONLY golf outing.  I gave him a quick refresher tour of the  equipment, got him started and away he went.  He’s hit all the usual snags…running out of bobbin thread, breaking a needle, off kilter embroidery, thread breakage.  WHAT MEN MUST SUFFER in the name of  GOLF! 

But seriously though, Jim is a really talented woodworker — and an engineer by profession so a machine in the house to him is something to have a little fun with.

I love to see what he comes up with for things to make.  let’s see.  Over the years it’s been:
1.  A cover for his power drill battery
2. A bag for a handmade tent
3. A cover for the grill — although that only lasted a few seasons and I now buy them…!
4.  And more camping related containers…especially those air mattress pads.

He always has something clever in mind that he’ll ask me if I’d do, or at least show him how it’s done.  This time, I’m enjoying just sitting back and watching him work on these towels.  Isn’t it great!