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Answering a question about the ‘Side Button Closure’

Baye at asked if I remembered the skirts from the ’70’s/’80’s that used the ‘Side Button Closure’ instead of a zipper.  Well of course I did and I just have to share a pattern that I made several times during my college days.  This skirt was a regular in my wardrobe at the time and I loved it!  It is Butterick 3300.

Out of curiosity I looked at some of my reference books and I actually found it in the Vogue/Butterick Step-By-Step Guide to Sewing Techniques.  It’s a fairly decent explanation.

The idea is fairly brilliant in that it simplifies the opening to both pants and skirt, however, from experience you’ll need to make sure your waist circumference is altered to fit before attaching the waistband.  It can get tricky because the opening is in the pocket and if the seams need to be taken in or let out…well…you get the idea, there’s only one seam and that is in the back that is generally available to alter.

Actually, any pant or skirt pattern with side pockets can be modified to utilize this technique.  The side pocket acts as the opening and the waistband closes at the side seam and on the inside extension at the edge of the pocket.  No zipper required!

Now go sew a skirt!

Enjoy!  ~Cathy

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