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McCalls M5633 Cargo Pant-Entry 4-The Muslin

Well, here’s the muslin, finally!  I enjoyed our visitors this last week and remind me to tell you all about this fabulous restaurant we went to on Saturday night….delightfull!

First of all I want to apologize for these very grainy photos.  I was fiddling around with my point and shoot camera thinking I could take some photos without having to downsize them for the web but it just didn’t work.

I was torn between doing the photos over again with the big camera or just moving on.  The perfectionist in me wants to take the photos over again but the experienced mind is telling me to move ahead…so I’m moving along with this project, grainy photos and all…

So.  The front view, this time without Einstein trying to get in:

I can tell I’ll need to do about 3 things right away to improve the fit.  First of all I think I have a little bit more room than expected around the waist and that will need to get pinched in slightly.

Secondly, the front waist came up too high.  And in the back the center back dipped a little.

I believe that is from not having enough room in the bum.  I’ll need to do a slash and spread in the back in order to get that perfected.

Here’s the back view:  You can see that it just dips slightly in the middle and there looks to be several pull wrinkles in the bum area.

My belief here is that I just need to slash and spread at the crotch to add length and a little bit more fullness.  Other than that the back looks just great.  I’ll need to figure out some back pocket placements but I can do that later, after these adjustments.

The front pocket is going to have to be redrawn as you can see from the side view:

You can see that if I were to leave the pockets so close to the side seam that my arm has to reach back in a very unnatural and downright uncomfortable position.

To fix that I’ll have to locate my hip bone on the front and move the pocket over.  I’ll break that down for you when I get’s an easy fix so not worries there.

When I do get to this point of re-drafting the pocket I know I’ll need to add a little bit more depth.  That is just a pet peeve of mine about women’s clothes.  The pockets never are deep enough!  I’m always losing things when I sit down…

But I digress.

Till the next post…