CCI Puppy Raising

Mr. Einstein at 6 Months

For anyone that hasn’t been following along and is new to my blog Einstein is the puppy we are volunteer raising for Canine Companions for Independence.

These monthly updates are my gratuitous ‘Pet’ posts that annoy the heck out of blog readers.  I’m not sure if they annoy the heck out of MY readers but I certainly enjoy writing them. Smile.

Einstein turned 6 months old yesterday and now starts a whole new phase in his development.  First of all he has nearly perfected the sneak, snatch, and dash typical of attention deficit pups but has also shown to be completely oblivious to recently cleaned floors, shower stalls and fresh white rugs!

This milestone also marks his move from adorable little puppy to young adult and will need to go through some very private surgery next week.  Ouch.  I’m promised it won’t hurt a bit but OH it will certainly be a wound to his fledgling maleness.

Then there’s the move to training more advanced commands and working on behaviors necessary for service dogs.  He has made so much progress in the last few months and over the weekend we attended a CCI workshop.  He was a star student and handled himself with surprising maturity.

Of course I kept waiting for him to grab something and run off to incite a chase me, chase me, chase me, bet you can’t get me scene!  God love ’em!