pants, Pants Fitting

Well…now that the traveling is over it’s time for a Staycation and finishing some pants!

These were a pair of some really HUGE pants that showed up at work not too long ago as part of our uniform delivery service.

We all giggled a little and tried to imagine who the person was that wears these pants.

Trying to get a pair of pants that fit, no matter what your size, is something of a challenge don’t you think?

Well after a full two weeks of family visits and a travel excursion to Ft. Wayne to visit more family we are finally back home and I have an entire FULL week of personal vacation!  Whooo Hooo!!!

This is my first Stay-At-Home Vacation EVER!  No travel, no family, just me and whatever I want to do for 7 days.  Of course my first goal I want to do is get my cargo pants project finished.

I have a vision of wearing my cargo pants downtown this week and taking pictures with Einstein at various Chicago landmarks.  How fun would that be!  Oh..boy…I have work to do…