McCalls M5633 Cargo Pants-Entry 8-Cut Out Day

Today was supposed to be THE DAY to cut out my pants and get sewing.

I stayed up last night to finish my pocket changes to the front and today was shaping up to be perfect.  When..

I know you have all been there with me at one point or another in your sewing lives.  You painstakingly pre-wash your fabric, iron all the wrinkles out of it, line up the  grain lines on your cutting table and lay out your pattern pieces…………….errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkk!

And they don’t fit!  Those evil people at McCalls are just plain evil I tell you!

I’m about a 1/4 yard short.

I think the washing machine ate it.

I”ll be back in a few, I have to go make a run to the fabric store because da$% it!  I’m gonna have THE HOT NEW FASHION FOR FALL if it takes me to SPRING!

See you in a bit!