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McCalls M5633 Cargo Pants-Entry 9-Pockets

I’ve made some changes to the pockets on this pattern.

Some out of necessity — the Front Pocket Facing and the Side Front and others out of a lack of design — the back pocket.

This pattern does not contain a back pocket.


What Cargo Pant doesn’t have a back pocket?

Mine absolutely have to have a back pocket.  So I made one.

And to add insult to design injury, the side ‘cargo’ pocket on this pattern is more decorative than an actual CARGO pocket.

Why do these pattern companies do this to us?  When you spend so much time prepping and sewing something why in the world would I sew on a FAKE cargo pocket?

So I took some inspiration from not only the inspiration photos but also a pair from the husband’s closet.

Just look at these pockets:

I mean, how cool is that?

So with some tweaking and some rounding out of the corners I re-did the pocket.  Same basic rectangle only I’m going to fold it a little differently and I made it a little bit smaller than the flap.

Seriously, your flap really needs to be bigger than the pocket!


I think I would love to do that zipper pocket too, so cool, with the inside cell phone pocket holder?  And Zipper!  I’ll wait.  Let me get through this one first.  And I LOVE the tab pulls and velcro.

How cool is that?


Here’s a photo of a tweaked pocket.

Alright.  As soon as my newly purchased NEW fabric is out of the dryer it’s CUTTING time!

More later,