McCalls M5633 Cargo Pants – Finish

They are done!  I finished these a week ago Sunday but just now was able to take some pictures of me in them.

I guess the next logical step is to write a pattern review of these over at, no?

I’ve never done a review so maybe I’ll take some time and put one together.

But in case you want to know I think these turned out a little big on me around the waist.  I don’t know what happened…could PMS be really this noticeable?  I’m wondering about that and thinking about a way to insert some elastic into the sides to take in some of the excess.

I thought maybe I’d lost a few pounds but the scale is not confirming anything major.  I’m just baffled.  Oh well.  I think for the Olive Green fabric I will take in a little bit on the sides.

As for the crotch, it’s about as good as it is going to get.  And for the pockets, I like the way they came out.  Maybe add a little gusset to the side pockets.  The zipper will get lowered for sure on the next pair and I’m going to make the fly extension a little different so I can add an inside button closure.

All in all I like them and that is all that matters!



3 thoughts on “McCalls M5633 Cargo Pants – Finish”

  1. I am glad you like them! And you are right, if they feel good and you like wearing them that is all that matters.
    Is your fabric stretchy by any chance? That would make them even more comfortable. Your sewing skills are quite remarkable. Good job.


  2. Wow, these look really good, especially for your first shot at them! The finish looks very neat and professional, I’m sure you’ll ‘iron out the creases’ next time round!


  3. Those are awesome! I love pockets and am wondering if my sewing skills are up to doing cargo pants. So far I’ve mostly been a dresses sort of girl, though straight lines are not my forte.


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