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Burda Plus Fashion Magazine 02-2008 Shirred Top

This is number two of what I hope will be a total of 5 of these tops.  This is a super great wardrobe builder for me.

I finished this up last night and was able to get a few quick shots of me in it before the sun goes down!

Despite it being really shear it is quite comfy.

Back View.

I know, Einstein is barking at me!   Boy if the attention isn’t on him he’ll let us all know!

Well it’s on to the next project…

2 thoughts on “Burda Plus Fashion Magazine 02-2008 Shirred Top”

  1. I like this top and am wondering just how the front smocking is done. It looks time consuming but if you are planning on making it so many times it must not be. I looked through my old Burda mags to see if anything like it was there but of course NOT.
    Another point… I noticed the sleeves are high set so that you can move your arm freely. That might be a reason you like it? I know I get hung up on the tops I make that are so loose. They just feel sloppy and this looks nice on you.



    1. I like it because the smocking/gathering makes the shirt loose but yet has that t-shirty like feel, soft and comfortable. This is really super easy to do! Video? Do I need to do one?

      I can see this application done on sleeves, shoulders, wrists, waists etc. to help gather in fabric and make it give.

      All I do is lay down the elastic thread (Jo-Ann’s/Hancock) on the underside of the fabric, still attached to the spool and roll it out as I stitch, just get it in the middle of the pressure foot. I use the #1 foot — so the basic standard foot for the Bernina and just Zig-Zag over the elastic thread. I cut off the elastic thread when I get to the end point marking leaving a little tail so I can pull the ends when it comes time to gather all of the threads. I use 6 threads.

      So you can imagine that zig-zagging over 6 threads is super quick! That’s it! Then I just pull the thread, tie knots in each one and viola! Instant gathers. I catch stitch along either side to lock in the elastic thread and I’m onto the neck finishing.

      I will admit, the first one was a head scratcher, but after I figured it out the second one came together in just a few hours.



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