CCI Puppy Raising

Mr. Einstein at 7 Months — The power struggle

Einstein was 7 months old on the 5th.

Every month we have to send a report to CCI and on my last report I had put in that Einstein will bark at me without any good reason.  I kept thinking there must be a reason why he’s barking at me, right?  I mean, do dogs just bark their head off without a good reason?

Was the timer going off?  Did he need to go outside?  Is the house on fire?

Nope, nope, and nope.  He was barking at me because he was testing his authority.  Barking to make me do something HE wanted to do.

Oh the joys of a maturing male dog.  Though in case I forgot to mention, we had him in for his private (parts) surgery on October 12th, just after his 6 month marker.  He had a really rough few days after coming home and  I think the cat picked up on his Woe Is Me sulking and snuggled in for some support.  It was very sweet.  We don’t see moments like this too often here, but when they do happen we just shake our heads and try to get a picture.

We also visited this past month a Fall Festival nearby and we let him sniff the strange animals.  He was curious but perfectly behaved.

There were ponies, goats, ducks and geese.

Everyone wanted to say hello and couldn’t believe how well behaved he was.

Maybe I focus too much on his bad behaviors and not enough on all the really good ones?

Well how can I not?  You know, when the sofa, chair, table, carpet, flower pots and so much else gets eaten it’s hard not to…know what I mean?

I keep saying to myself it’s all for a good cause…and we need to re-do the furniture and carpet anyway so wasn’t that the point?  Yup…that was the point!

He’s doing just great!