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Clinton Library Part Two-The 2nd time around gown

Upstairs at the library was a collection of gifts and what nots from the Clinton’s time at the White House.  There were only two dresses worn by Hillary, one for a State dinner, black and boring, but the other one…okay…kinda boring too but it was worn for the 2nd Inaugural Gala events.

This Gown from 1997 was made by Oscar De La Renta, although once again a simple dress, I found the finishing technique surprising…look…it has a serged edge!  Serged in a gold thread, but serged!  This is making me re-think my couture techniques!

The Coat was made from a dull gold satin.  It looked heavy but I’m sure it wasn’t.  Another rather simple silhouette but there was some design details to take note of.

The shoulders were sewn with an inset treatment I found unique but the pockets were a standard welt pocket, albeit a very LONG welt pocket, perfectly executed.

There was more but I’ll let you all go for a visit and see it for yourselves.

Unfortunately, (or would that be fortunately), the infamous blue dress was absent.  And too…no smashed penny machine!


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  1. Why not a nice hand rolled hem? Maybe the serged with gold technique let the collar stand better without taking away the “see through” look. The fabric is beautiful and I will have to see it some day (?!)


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