Off the beaten trail

Greetings from the Oval Office!

Ha!  Well I’m back to the land of internet access and I wanted to write up a post about our third stop on our Thanksgiving holiday trip, The Clinton Presidential Library.

After Graceland and Memphis…please don’t forget to remind me that I still want to tell you about the sewing sightings there…I digress, we drove to Little Rock, AR and visited the Clinton Presidential Library.

It’s a HUGE complex and made to look like a continuation of a train bridge.  The whole area has been redeveloped and it actually looks really great. 

There is a very large park with newly planted trees and the old train bridge is being restored to a walking bridge across the Arkansas river.  It is very impressive.

Here is Jim inside the library in Clinton’s chair in the Cabinet Room. Notice the back of the chair is taller than the others?  It is supposed to signify that that is where the President sits, or something like that.

This is the third Presidential Library I’ve been to.  I first went to Lincoln’s here in Illinois and then to Hoover’s just across the border in Iowa.  These are part of the National Parks/Federal system and I find them quite interesting.

This would be the first one to visit where I was alive during the events that were recaptured in the exhibits so it was interesting to see how they portrayed them.  I just felt only slightly nauseous at the general tone of the entire exhibits as a whole.  Seriously, I asked Jim if he’d noticed the empty space for the placement of the Beatification Wall…St. Bill!!!!  Uggh!!!

Just for the record, I did vote for Bill, but he lost me after we all realized he was having a little too much fun with the ladies in the Oval Office.  Sick…and now we have a museum with a replica of the Oval Office.  One just cannot help but think of where the blue dress was stained you know?

I guess my favorite part of the museum was upstairs…more artwork, dresses, china, Christmas ornaments and so forth to see so I’ll wrap this up and get working on part two to show you some of the goodies…

Till the next post!