Great Grandmother’s Cookie Jar

Readers, I wanted to share with you something that is really special and it wasn’t until last Friday that I had a chance to really give it its special place.

This is my Great Grandmother’s Cookie Jar, now filled with yummy, tasty cookies from our cookie exchange this past Friday.  It is filled up once again.  Probably something that hasn’t happened in decades.

My Aunt, before we left for home, decided to bestow this beautiful jar to me.  She told me how  Grandmother would keep this in the kitchen cupboard and it was always filled with their favorites, ready for a tasty treat when they came home from school.

It is really special.  And it is filled once again!  Everytime I open the jar I’ll think of my Aunt and my Dad and every time I fill it I will think of my Great Grandmother.   I feel pretty special to be the one to take care of it.

I will treasure it always until it is time to pass it on to the next family recipient.

Thank you D!


2 thoughts on “Great Grandmother’s Cookie Jar”

  1. I have that exact same “jar”, but not the lid! I keep it in the hutch as a flower vase with glass marbles and artificial flowers. I got mine from my grandma about 20 or more years ago and never knew that there was supposed to be a lid for it.


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