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Quiltville’s Roll Roll Cotton Boll Quilt – Part 2

The 1st clue is complete.  I finished cutting up the 172 segments this morning.  It didn’t take long to get that one finished as I already had 120 complete.

Aren’t they purty?

So now it’s on to Clue 2.  What I just need to do is finish cutting apart my paper templates.  I have them all sewn, just need to do the finishing.

Once again, as I’ve said before, I did a little dabling in the clues, and clue 2 was no exception.

I read the directions from Bonnie’s website and when she said to make 120 Half Square Triangles using her technique of strips and Easy Angles all I could hear in my head was “Wha Whan Wha Wha Whaaaaan”.  (Charlie Brown at his desk during a math lesson…  “wha whan wha?”)

I really don’t like cutting out strips.  I will do it but if there is another way that I can do it without cutting strips then I’m there.  What I found out last year with HST’s is that they turn out the best for me when I use a paper template.

So for the second clue of this mystery I made another template.  If you want to print it out you can here:


And here’s a few picks showing how this template gets cut out…

1st is to sew the big X’s.

Then cut out along the cutting lines, but don’t cut through the diagonals just yet.

On my template, I’ve included a little 2 1/2″ strip at the bottom, perfect for a string, more 1/2 square triangles, bricks or squares.  You can get Four 2″ finished HST’s from that little strip!

After cutting apart, I found that if I take out this little square ahead of time before slicing the triangles apart I won’t need to trim dog ears!

Then slice the triangles apart.




Then take the paper off…





And reveal!

Press and DONE!

Now I’m on to finishing up the clue number 3!

And I think I’ve found a way to get that one rolling much quicker!

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