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Quiltville’s Roll Roll Cotton Boll – Part 4 – Skipping Around

I’m skipping around.

I have only completed 6 of the Prickly Pear blocks.  That’s 6 out of 30!  Yikes.

Those Prickly Pears are kinda of a pain to put together.  There are a lot of seams and I have to steam open a lot of them in order for the block to lay flat and go together properly.  It just takes a long time.

I decided to go ahead and start assembling them to the string blocks.  Just random order of course.  I think it is coming along really quite nicely.  It is BUSY!  There is so much going on…and a lot of seams.  This is FOR CERTAIN going to go to a long arm quilter when this gets pieced.  I can’t even imagine trying to quilt it!

In the mean time my crumb basket is overflowing!  I have been running crumbs together through the machine as leader/enders and pulled out a little mini diversion project to try and get some of them finished into something!

Looky here!  It’s a little car organizer that hangs on a seat.  Super quick and easy, although the instructions in the pattern envelope were not that stellar and there’s a divider middle organizer that doesn’t fit…

This is Simplicity pattern #2553 if you are interested in making one.

I like it!~  Almost finished, just need to sew on the straps and put it in the car.

Alright…I’m back to the sewing table.  Blocks 7, 8, and 9 need to get finished!


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  1. What Fun!!!
    By co-incidence I just had my “Port a Pocket” purse insert pattern out yesterday and was looking at the instructions and seriously thinking about making one, just for FUN. Was thinking it would make a good gift for Bari when we drive up to see them in a month or so, esp. if I use some of her fabrics. I was thinking about making one for myself that I could use in a tote bag or even on the sewing table to collect sewing tools. Looking at your delightful end result on the organizer gives me new enthusiasm.


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