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Mr. Einstein at 10 Months – Does this carpet make me look fat?

Here he is.  I haven’t written a monthly report in a couple of months so I’m totally overdue!

Einstein will turn 10 months old on the 5th.  He’s such a great dog!  But I got the dreaded fat lecture the other day.  I know, who likes being told you’re fat?

“He needs to trim down about 5 pounds.”  Those were the official orders.

5 pounds!  Yikes!  He’s been called Moose for 10 months and now he’s no longer Moosey, he’s FAT.  That’s Capital F, Capital A, Capital T!


Anyway.  I guess it’s appropriate here on my blog…we do deal in larger sizes here!  How funny!  And just so he doesn’t have to suffer alone I’m going to try and lose a little myself.  It will be a team effort.

I certainly could stand to move a little bit more.  So much more I enrolled in a Zumba class!  Whoo Hoo…but that will have to be for another post.  Zumba.  Me!

I’ll post more later…still working on the Roll Roll Cotton Boll Quilt and it looks like tomorrow is going to be a complete snowed in day!