The Scrap Car Organizer is all but Finished!

Well friends, here is a closer look of the car organizer I made from scraps using Simplicity 2553.

These photos show a little bit more of detail of the scraps.  Oh yes, and you all will also notice that I hand stitched the outer bias tape.  It was easier that way.  I wasn’t sure if I could master trying to get the tape sewed on and have it look good.

This entire bag is made from scraps so there are some discolorations in the bias tape, you are NOT seeing things…it really is discolored (but not sure if you really can tell from these photos).  I guess that is what happens when you pull something out of the bin that is probably about 20 years old!

The thread was some tri-colored quilting thread…so at least that color change is supposed to be there.

I also found some scrap webbing in the basement while I was clearing out some old clothes.  I think it is a belt strap for some long forgotten waist pack, who knows!  I’m going to look for some alligator clips to attach it to the bag and then I’m done!  This was a simple and fun project!

2 thoughts on “The Scrap Car Organizer is all but Finished!”

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it. The car organizer was very easy to make, you are so giving to make these!


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