1 thought on “Scrap?”

  1. Oh MY! I thought that was why “quilting” was invented… too many scraps laying around!
    Maybe this is what quilters go through when they organize their fabric into the various color groups. I’m sure you’ve seen the video where someone is folding all her fabric into identical bundles using a 6″X24″ ruler and then laying it on the shelf with the fold facing out and everything is readily visible for the next project and maybe, just maybe, she won’t have to go out and buy more fabric because she doesn’t have the right color or hue.
    In my opinion, this little exercise does offer the opportunity to get a lot of enjoyment out of handling all that luscious fabric again! And just think of all the wonderful ideas you’ll get just looking at it… aprons are big. Grocery store totes are needed more and more. How about walker organizers for your local nursing home? What you really need is lots of idle time, I guess, so bite the bullet and just part with it the next time Good Will comes down your street!
    I know… do as I say, not as I do.


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