Dealing with the unexpected


Remember Snowmaggedon?

Well the other day when I was sifting and tossing and re-organizing my scrap fabric I was going up and down the stairs to the basement.  On one of those up and down trips I noticed there was a spot of water at the bottom of the stairs.

I seriously thought I had just spilled my water or something and totally thought I was just being me…a dryland idiot that occasionally spills stuff, ya know?

Well…drip.  Then drip!  What THE?

I look up and there’s water.  Jim actually found the drip and traced it on up to the second floor and then into the attic.

The warm weather has melted something in our attic.  Do you know what that something is?


I could hardly believe it.

Apparently the blizzard blew up into one of our vents, broke some kind of seal and tossed up a big pile of snow.

This is what it looked like after Jim crawled in and took the picture.

It was a whole bucket full.  And just think…this was TWO weeks after the storm.  My goodness, for two weeks this has been seeping down the walls and into the house!!!!

This is what it looks like after the insulation was removed (we removed everything and tossed it to the trash).  It doesn’t look so bad, but we have our insurance guy coming to do an inspection.

We think we’ll have to pull off some drywall and have some major repairs done.  I’m a little sick just thinking about it…but oh so glad we found it!