The Guest Bedroom Is All Prettied Up!


Two weekends and I’m finished with the guest bedroom painting and most of the re-decorating.  There was a lot of re-purposing and re-using most of the items already in the room.  I’ve only made a few purchases and I think the end result came out quit nicely if I do say so myself!

Einstein was a big help.  He really thought he could paint.

I’ve changed his name to “Einstein NO!” after a few instances of him sneaking into the room and getting close to the paint tray!

I had paint chips up on the wall for several weeks trying to decide.  I eventually thought I’d just keep the color in the same family, as all the artwork could still be used and one of the posters is a Georgia O’Keefe I bought in Washington DC at an exhibit of hers way back in the 80’s.  It’s one of my favorites.

I pulled it out of the old poster frame and switched with the other Georgia O’Keefe that was in this frame. I like it!  The frame cut off the extraneous wording from the museum exhibit at the bottom and it looks quit nice.  The wall color is kinda interesting for me.  The whole time painting I kept thinking it looked like the inside of a green minty oreo or a green peppermint patty.  I had some doubts but the color is really picked up from the painting.

I picked up some of the other colors by purchasing two yellow pillow shams from Target, a throw pillow from Target and two damask throw pillows I found at JC Penny during a curtain rod sale.  The bedspread and sheets are ones we had in the closet.

I did purchase a new side table, this one from IKEA.  It went together very quickly.  I’m almost a master IKEA assembly women.

The curtains were recycled from some I’d made for our living room about ten years ago.  I’ve had them in the room before but on different rods…actually they were just hung on valence rods!  I picked up the new rods at the Presidents Day sale at JC Penny — wow!  Hadn’t shopped there in ages but I was pleasantly surprised with what I found!

The purple sheet is actually a sheet that came from my days in the bedding industry.  It’s a King size sheet, so not exactly the right size for the bed but it picks up more colors.  The lamp is the old one.  I’m still looking for some that will work in the room.

I moved the Singer 201 as a side table and the other painting is one I did in a water color class…which will eventually get hung up.

I re-purposed an old chair and the quilt is one I found at an Estate Sale.

Other than looking for those lamps as I said before I need to just work on a solution for a headboard and find an area rug and I’m finished!  Isn’t it pretty?

All told I’ve spent:
Paint $45 – I bought two gallons
Pillow Shams $40
Throw Pillow $15
Bedside Table $75
Curtain Rods $80

A total of $255.  I know eventually I’ll find those lamps, pick up an area rug and figure out a headboard… and still be under $500 for the whole room!

I’m off to shop!  Talk to you in a bit!