Dealing with the unexpected

The February House Maintenance Project

As you have guessed, I’ve been laying low, trying to figure out what we are going to do about our big leak/broken attic issue.

Jim had contacted our homeowner’s insurance and they will FINALLY come out tomorrow to take a look.  It doesn’t look like they will be able to do much other than replace some drywall where the leak shows staining.

Unfortunately, the moisture levels in the basement have gone out of control and we have a bloom of grey dusty mildew growing around where the water was pouring in!!!

I haven’t posted in a while mostly because of this pressing issue.  We have to re-mediate this right away so I’m most likely going to be working on this for a while.  Seriously, I was a little sick to my stomach just thinking about an ugly MOLD monster coming to destroy my house.  Nightmares!

But all is good.  We have some clean up but it looks like it isn’t as bad as my nightmares make it out to be.  We went to SEARS and purchased a de-humidifier to lower the moisture level and after the patching and fixing takes place we should be dry to the bone again.  Whew!

I’ve already wiped down a few areas but stopped after my nose started itching.  Jim told me to do some research and make sure I get one of those ventilator masks and wear some clothes that covers up everything and can be tossed out or washed in sanitizing water.  Seriously?  Well…that’s where we are at with this.

So guess what the other project I have going on while my basement dry’s out?

It’s another February Painting Project!!!

Here’s the before pictures.  We have my brother coming to stay with us for a few months and after a couple of exchange students the room needs a makeover!

These are the before shots before the color of paint went on the wall.

I know it’s messy but we removed the bed linens and moved everything to the center of the room as not to get it covered in paint!

I’ll show you the after pics this weekend as I finished the painting last Sunday and have been putting the room back together.

I’ll post more later!