Working with scraps!

It’s another t-shirt braid!

That’s right, I couldn’t resist the temptation to do another t-shirt braid.

I just have to figure out how I can run this through the machine to make it go so much faster.

I did an experiment just to see if what I was thinking would work.

I braided off several feet and set up the machine for a zig-zag stitch. Well it’s not that difficult but I did have trouble keeping the edges together.  There’s a few gaps where the stitches didn’t catch and when I took it off the machine I must have pulled too tightly as the braids start to roll up the sides.  I think you can see that here.

But much much faster!  Wow!  As if I’m surprised, right?  Oh Nelly!  I have to do it again. (Can you get addicted to t-shirt braiding?  Is that possible?)

This time, instead of trying to do this braiding/sewing as I go I’ve selected about 12 t-shirts and have been braiding one long rope.  When I get done with the braiding step my vision is to just sit at the machine and go round and round zig-zagging until I am completely finished!

I think it will take me a few days to finish the braid so aren’t you excited with me to see how this comes out? I love the guessing of how the color combinations will work together.

Stay tuned!