Off the beaten trail

More Spring!

Whoo Hoo!

The crocus’s are blooming!  These usually bloom in March around here but are always the first blooms in our yard.  We know once the crocus’s bloom Winter is at last over for good!

The animals have been restless, especially Miss Chloe! She’s been just dying to get herself a field mouse or one of those new Robins that showed up.

She spent all last night outside.  She hasn’t done that since last Fall.

I do like it when she can spend the night outside as I actually GET SLEEP!  Seriously, if she is inside she prowls the house and wakes everyone up!

Today we have another big day.  We are heading off, with Einstein, to the VA Hospital. Yesterday we went to a Lions convention for a CCI demonstration.  I’ll have to remember to bring the camera today as I didn’t get anything from the event yesterday!

Talk soon!