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Einstein visits Edward Hines VA and Turns 1!

It was another busy day in the puppy raising and training department yesterday.

Jim had a function at the Edward Hines VA Hospital and had made the arrangements to bring Einstein.  The SAL and the Ladies Auxiliary were putting together a Bingo for the residents and patients at one of the wings there.



They brought lots of gifts, cash and prizes for the winners and by the end of the hour just about everyone had a little bit of something.

This was the first time I’ve ever been to a VA hospital.  I will have to say that it was a different experience for sure.  These folks were recovering from injuries or illnesses and most of them were either in a wheel chair because of either a spinal cord injury or an amputation.

Einstein made lots of new friends.

I would say that many of the residents were thrilled to be able to run their hands along his body and Einstein is very good at obliging any kind of affection.  One patient kept coming over and would just pet and pet him.  He couldn’t say much because of a trachea tube but he wanted to say thanks for bringing a ‘Real’ dog and not one of the small ones!  Kinda funny!  I guess just to be able to wrap your arms around him and give a big hug is something you can only do with a big dog!

During much of the Bingo Einstein found a friend and laid down at his feet under his walker.  The gentleman really liked being able to hold the leash and just wanted to stay there.  Einstein was a real sweetheart to everyone and before we knew it it was time to go home.

Tomorrow, the 5th, will be Einstein’s 1st Birthday!  I can hardly believe he is a year old!  They grow up so so fast!








5 thoughts on “Einstein visits Edward Hines VA and Turns 1!”

  1. Cathy, your write up about Einstein brought tears to my eyes. I can see him being at the VA he would give so much comfort for the former soldiers. What a blessing he is and will be for whoever gets him. Judie


  2. Kinda makes you wish you could train 3 or 4 at a time doesn’t it? Einstein looks a little like the reluctant trainee in that one photo with his eyes peeping up as if to say… “OK, I guess this is what I’m supposed to do!” But, honestly, it does make me feel a little tender hearted too, to think that this is what it’s all about. You must be doing a good job.
    Love, MOM


    1. Yes…Thanks Mom!
      Einstein is so great. He really senses people and he really is just so calm. These dogs are just so amazing, it is really hard to explain sometimes!


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