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Save the Cat Slipcover – Part 2

This ought to do it.  I picked out this 100% Cotton Duck fabric at JoAnns.  It is currently on sale for 50% off so I bought up everything they had in Natural for half off $9.99. After washing,  I’m in a sea of incredibly wrinkled $4.99 DUCK!  Uggh!  I had a fear this was going to happen.  I once used a drop cloth after a painting project to make a tote bag and apron and it did this same exact mess!  This must be the same stuff used for drop cloths?

After some wrestling and hot steam, spray and my iron I was able to get it somewhat manageable. I took some time to read over the instructions for both of the patterns.  Right now I’m thinking with a little modification to the shape of the arms the ‘Throw’ design of Butterick 3877 will be the easiest.  But what I can’t figure out is how the pieces all go together.  The instructions do not have much in the way of diagrams or drawings, just directions mostly so I might have to figure this out as I sew!

The first step in the instructions is to cut and sew the continuous bias in order to make the piping.  I guess that’s a good a place to start as anywhere else.

I do like the contrasting piping in the picture so I chose a couple of prints in a soft turquoise hue to work a ‘Spring’ look!  These too came from JoAnns.  I used a 50% off coupon and a 40% off coupon and bought what was left on each bolt.  Just over a couple of yards for each one.  I hope that will be enough to get some accents.

In the slipcover class Karen Erickson showed us a technique for making continuous bias that reminded me of the t-shirt yarn making process.  I’ve got the instructions for it and I’ll give it a try on this project for sure.  I picked up the only packages on the shelf of 3/16th piping cording so I hope to get this first step out of the way this evening!