Save the Cat Slipcover Project – Part 3 – The Outside Back

I made 10 yards of continuous bias to cover one of the packages of cording last night.

I guess I was just being a little bit lazy, or in the mood of not wanting to concentrate too much so I just used the pattern piece that came in the envelope.  It’s so funny, I KNOW how to make bias but I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for thinking!!! Ha ha!!!   The brain was on ‘PAUSE’ while I concentrated on the best course of action to take to make this pattern.

Before I go further I’m going to refer back to a tip in class for a minute.  Karen, the instructor, shared her technique with starting with the Outside Back piece.  This all made sense when ‘SHE’ did it in class, but as I am reading the pattern and reviewing the pattern pieces I don’t see anywhere the Outside Back piece in the envelope.  This design is more of an ALL-IN-ONE throw so I had to make a really crucial decision.

What I DON’T want is a lot of fabric scrunched up in the corners on the inside of the chair.  As I fiddle around with the fabric, I think this is exactly what is going to happen unfortunately.  Last night I made the decision to NOT use this pattern.

An alternative to just an easy throw is the ‘Tailored’ method I learned in class.  I think I’m going to have to go for it, it’s the only way!

What was it she told us to do?  Oh yes, start with the OUTSIDE BACK.  Yes, that’s what she said.  I’m going for it people!

Here’s my Outside Back made using the Karen Erickson method of cutting a piece of fabric larger than the back and then ‘tracing’ the outline using the welting.  It is pinned in place and then stitched.

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    1. Mostly just brave! And as my husband says if I mess something up, ‘it’s just money’!


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